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The Gospel-Shaped Life (Ian Hamilton)

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Gospel means ‘good news’. It is good news from God, about his Son Jesus Christ, for a world of perishing sinners, offering eternal life as a free gift, to be received by faith alone (John 3:16).

But the gospel does so much more than rescue us from hell and save us for heaven. It also takes possession of our lives and remakes them into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ (Rom. 8:29). This is God's ultimate purpose for every one of his blood-bought and dearly loved children.

How does the gospel do this? And what does a gospel-shaped life look like? And what impact will such a life have on others? These are some of the questions raised and answered by Ian Hamilton in this book.

The Gospel-Shaped Life is a book for Christians of all ages. Its goal is to move us to confess with the apostle Paul, 'Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!' (Rom. 11:33)

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

1 God Is Trinity: The Gospel’s God 1

2 What Is a Christian? Gospel Foundations 4

3 A New Covenant Command: Gospel Fear 7

4 Isaiah’s Life-Changing Encounter: The Gospel’s Transforming Power 12

5 The Duplex Gratia: The Gospel’s Double Grace 16

6 The God Who Hides Himself: Trusting the God of the Gospel 20

7 Loved with Everlasting Love: The Gospel’s Wonder 24

8 Extravagant Grace: The Scandal of the Gospel 27

9 Trust and Obey: Gospel Inseparables 30

10 Resisting a Diet of False Illusions: The Need for Gospel Saturation 33

11 ‘This Is Our Beloved’: The Heart of the Gospel 35

12 Reasons Why You Should Not Believe: The Gospel and Unbelief 38

13 When Is a Church Not a Church? Gospel Catholicity 42

14 Seventy Thousand Fathoms Deep: The Gospel’s Unfathomable Depth 45

15 David Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Gospel Preaching in Spirit and Power 48

16 The Obedience of Faith: The Gospel Works 54

17 Ups and Downs: The Erratic Nature of the Gospel-Shaped Life 57

18 Living by the Means of Grace: How We Grow Up in the Gospel (1) 61

19 Living by the Means of Grace: How We Grow Up in the Gospel (2) 64

20 Living by the Means of Grace: How We Grow Up in the Gospel (3) 67

21 Living by the Means of Grace: How We Grow Up in the Gospel (4) 72

22 Living by the Means of Grace: How We Grow Up in the Gospel (5) 79

23 Living by the Means of Grace: How We Grow Up in the Gospel (6) 83

24 Living in a Fallen World: Practicing the Gospel 87

25 De Servo Arbitrio: Gospel Humbling Words 89

26 Contentment: A Neglected Gospel Grace 93

27 The Great Commission: Commitment to Gospel Advance 96

28 Not Losing Heart: Cultivating Gospel and Ministerial Perseverance 101

29 Being a Witness: Sharing the Gospel 106

30 ‘My Father Is Always Working’: Gospel Confidence 108

31 The Sweetness of God: The Gospel’s Marrow 111

32 The Faithful God: The Gospel’s Firm Foundation 114

33 The Covenant of Redemption: The Gospel’s Eternal Roots 117

34 The Grace of Election: What Gospel Life Looks Like 125

35 The Spirit and Practice of Sabbath- Keeping: Enjoying Gospel Rest 131

36 Less than the Least: The Soil of Gospel Usefulness 140

37 Samuel Rutherford: Gospel-Shaped Spirituality 143

38 Lyrical Beauty from Augustine: Gospel Ecstasy 148

39 Thomas Goodwin: Gospel Assurance 151

40 ‘The Crook in the Lot’: Gospel Living in a Fallen World 156

41 When I Don’t Feel Forgiven: How the Gospel Gives Us Comfort 161

42 Learning from Solomon: True and Needful Gospel Wisdom 165

43 The Heart of Calvinism: Gospel Humility 169

Product Details

Title: The Gospel-Shaped Life  

Author: Ian Hamilton

Publisher: Banner of Truth

Pages: 192

Binding: Paperback

Size: 18.1 x 12.1 x 1.0 cm

ISBN: 9781848717213

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