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Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age Study Guide (Rosaria Butterfield)

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Study Guide by Bestselling Author Rosaria Butterfield Confronts Our Culture’s Biggest Lies about Womanhood and Sexuality

In her powerful book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age, Rosaria Butterfield uses Scripture to challenge 5 common lies about sexuality, faith, feminism, gender roles, and modesty that are often promoted in our secular culture today. This study guide, designed to be used alongside the book, invites individuals and groups to dive deeper into the key points of each chapter. Featuring chapter summaries, engaging questions, and Bible verses for further reading, the Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age Study Guide inspires women to preserve godly values around womanhood and offers guidance as they shepherd the next generation.

Companion Study Guide: Includes questions and Bible verses for guided study and discussion about the book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

Culturally Relevant: Confronts controversial topics including transgenderism, homosexuality, feminism, spirituality, and modesty from a Bible-centered perspective

Written by Rosaria Butterfield: Bestselling author of The Gospel Comes with a House Key (100,000+ copies sold) and The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert (100,000+ copies sold)

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Table of Contents

How This Study Works

Introduction: We All Live in Babel Now

Lie #1: Homosexuality Is Normal 

Chapter 1: Once Gay, Always Gay?

Chapter 2:What Is Intersectionality?

Chapter 3: What Are Homosexual Orientation and Gay Christianity?

Chapter 4: Why Is Homosexuality a Sin When It Feels Normal to Some People?

Lie #2: Being a Spiritual Person Is Kinder than Being a Biblical Christian

Chapter 5: Where Is God—in an Ancient Book or in Me?

Chapter 6: The Bible Knows Me Better than I Know Myself

Lie #3: Feminism Is Good for the World and the Church

Chapter 7: Do You Know Yourself and How Do You Know?

Chapter 8: Does the Gospel Need a Feminist Rescue?

Chapter 9: The Power of a Woman’s Voice

Lie #4: Transgenderism Is Normal

Chapter 10: The Sin of Envy

Chapter 11: The War of Words

Chapter 12: Eternal Life Means More than Just Living Forever

Lie #5: Modesty Is an Outdated Burden That Serves Male Dominance and Holds Women Back

Chapter 13: In the Presence of My Enemies

Chapter 14: Exhibitionism: The New Almost-Christian Virtue

Afterword: The Difference between Acceptance and Approval, or, How to Stay Connected to Loved Ones Who Believe These Lies without Falling for Them Yourself

Product Details

Title:  Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age Study Guide

Author: Rosaria Butterfield

Publisher: Crossway Publishing

Pages: 136

Binding: Paperback

Size: 23.5 x 18.7cm

ISBN: 9781433590535

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