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Beware of The Ecumenical Agenda! (Boon-Sing Poh)

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Beware of The Ecumenical Agenda! (Boon-Sing Poh) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


The present book is a response to a recently published book, entitled More Calvinistic Than Calvin? Hardline Reformed Theology And The Malaysia Church. The present book may be understood without prior reading of the latter book. Apart from countering the misrepresentation of the Reformed faith in the said book, the warning is sounded forth against the ecumenical agenda of the Neo-evangelicals. The ecumenical movement has not abated but has gained momentum instead. It is promoted by the Neo-evangelicals whose influence has become all-pervasive. Who are the Neo-evangelicals? What is the ecemenical agenda that they are promoting? Why should all evangelical Christians be concerned? How should Christian unity be expressed? These are questions we seek to answer in the present book. From this perspective, the present book is of relevance to Christians everywhere, although its genesis is in little Malaysia.

Table of Contents


1  Why This Book?

1.1  Purpose of MCTC

1.2  Purpose of The Present Book

1.3  Subordinate Purposes of The Present Book

1.1  Conclusion

2  The Historical Emergence of Reformed Theology

2.1  Events Leading to The Reformation

2.2  From The Puritan Age to The Present

2.3  Conclusion

3  An Overview of Reformed Theology

3.1  Who were Augustine and John Calvin?

3.2  Misrepresentation of Reformed Theology

3.3  Conclusion

4  A Respond to Reformed Theology

4.1  The Five Principles of the Reformation

4.2  The Five Points of Calvinism (The Doctrines of Grace)

4.3  Blatant Misrepresentations

4.4  Conclusion

5  Principled Yet Generous

5.1  Martyn Lloyd-Jones (1899-1981)

5.2  Ecumenism and Compromise

5.3  Conclusion

6  Reformed Theology and the Supernatural

6.1  Reformed Theology: Miracles or God's Providence

6.2  Understanding the Cessationist View

6.3  John Calvin and miracles

6.4  Benjamin B. Warfield and Counterfeit Miracles

6.5  John F. MacArthur: Charismatic Choas and Strange Fire

6.6  Martyn Lloyd-Jones and J. I. Packer

6.7  Reformed Theology and the West

6.8  Conclusion

7  Conclusion

7.1  Misrepresentation of Reformed Theology

7.2  The Ecumenical Agenda

7.3  A Model of Christian Fellowship

7.4  Christian Unity and Ecumenism Today

7.5  Conclusion

Product Details

Title:  Beware of The Ecumenical Agenda! 

Author: Boon-Sing Poh

Publisher: Good News Enterprise

Pages: 108

Binding: Paperback

Size: 22.8 x 15.0 x 0.6 cm

ISBN: 9789839180657

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