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An Ark for All God’s Noahs: In a Gloomy Stormy Day (Thomas Brooks)

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An Ark for All God’s Noahs: In a Gloomy Stormy Day (Thomas Brooks) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


We live in difficult days and in trying times. This book, with its quaint yet vivid title, points us to the One in whom Christian men and women have always found the strength to persevere come what may. Taking Lamentations 3:24 as his starting -point – 'The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him,' – Thomas Brooks expounds the attributes of God with the aim of comforting those who have felt not only the stresses and strains of daily life but also the searing pain of loss in its various forms. God, he says, 'is a portion that is exactly suited to the condition of the soul in its desires, needs, wants, longings and prayers. All the soul needs is found in God. There is light to enlighten the soul, wisdom to counsel the soul, power to support the soul, goodness to supply the soul, mercy to pardon the soul, beauty to delight the soul, glory to ravish the soul, and fullness to fill the soul .'

‘All true comfort and happiness is only to be found in having an all-sufficient God for your portion.’

Table of Contents

Epistle Dedicatory ix


Introduction 1

Analysis of Text and Topics 2

Part I. What a Portion God Is

1. Present 7

2. Immense 8

3. All-sufficient 13

4. Absolute, needful, and necessary 16

5.Pure and unmixed 20

6. Glorious, happy, and blessed 25

7. Peculiar 27

8. Universal 30

9. Safe and Secure 35

10. Suitable 37

11. Incomprehensible 39

12. Inexhaustible 42

13. Soul-Satisfying 47

14. Permanent, indefinite, never-failing, everlasting 53

15. Incomparable 58

Part II. Grounds of Title unto God as a Portion

1. Free favor and love of God 63

2. Covenant of grace 64

3. Marriage union 57

Part III. Improvement of the Truth that God is a Portion

1. Fret not on account of prosperity of the wicked 67

2. Be content with present condition 78

3. Those mistaken who judge saints to be unhappy 88

4. Set not affections on earthly portions 92

5. Be cheerful under all crosses and troubles 95

6. Away with all expedients and compliances 99

7. Glory in God as a portion 101

8. Shall want nothing good 103

9. Away with inordinate cares 108

10. All is the believer's 115

11. God no hurtful portion 117

12. Let the saints think of God as their portion 126

13. Be not afraid to die 129

14. Make it fully out that God is your portion; its advantages 131

Question 1: How Shall We Know whether God Be Our Portion? Answered 147

Question 2: How Shall We Evidence This? Answered 197

Incitements to See that God is Our Portion 207

How to Make God Our Portion 217

Objections Answered 227

Positions that May Be Useful 243

Product Details

Title: An Ark for All God’s Noahs: In a Gloomy Stormy Day

Author: Thomas Brooks

Publisher: Banner of Truth

Pages: 288

Binding: Paperback

Size: 18.1 x 12.0 x 2.0 cm

ISBN: 9781848715738

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