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Systematic Theology: Expanded Edition (Berkhof)

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Louis Berkhof’s loyalty to the well-defined lines of the Reformed faith, his concise and compact style and his up-to date treatment have made this work the most important twentieth century compendium of Reformed theology. ‘The work seemed particularly important to me’, writes the author, ‘in view of the widespread doctrinal indifference of the present day, of the resulting superficiality and confusion in the minds of many professing Christians, of the insidious errors that are zealously propagated even from the pulpits, and of the alarming increase of all kinds of sects. If there ever was a time when the church ought to guard her precious heritage, the deposit of the truth that was entrusted to her care, that time is now’.

This expanded edition contains Berkhof’s Introductory Volume, which was designed to be read together with the Systematic Theology itself.


‘A model of order, precision, and (relative) brevity…you will not find a better one-volume systematic theology in the Reformed tradition. I re-read Berkhof as much anything else on this list.’ — KEVIN DEYOUNG

‘There are a number of systematic textbooks that have appeared since Louis Berkhof wrote, but nobody, it seems to me, matches Berkhof for his skill in saying much, very straightforwardly in a small space. He goes to the heart of every truth. He says it quickly…what Berkhof gives you is constantly, point after point, good stuff.’ — J.I. PACKER

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Title:  Systematic Theology: Expanded Edition

Author: Louis Berkof

Publisher: Banner of Truth

Pages: 1048

Binding: Hardcover

Size: 22.4 x 14.6 x 5.4 cm

ISBN: 9781848719941

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Berkhof's Systematic Theology

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